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The benefits of using Lignohumax

Humates are Bio stimulants and anything organic which grows will definitely benefit from the application of humates.

  • Lignohumax is not a fertilizer. However it does better the absorption of fertilizers and increases their efficiency.
  • Lignohumax increases both the quality and quantity of the yield.
  • Lignohumax increases not only the storage life-span but also increases the amount of nutrients contained in most fruit and vegetables (proteins, vitamins and minerals).
  • A continual usage of Lignohumax improves the soil structure and workability, increases the water-storage capacity of the soil and prevents the washing out of important nutrients.
  • Lignohumax stimulates root growth and root system development.
  • Lignohumax increases seed germination rates.
  • Lignohumax helps plants remain physiologically younger in the period of vegetative reproduction.
  • Lignohumax produces stronger, faster growing seedlings.
  • Lignohumax neutralises soil pH levels in both acidic and alkaline soils.
  • Lignohumax not only speeds decomposition of poisons stored in soil but also bonds any heavy metals present.
  • Lignohumax improves the sugar content of fruits and vegetables.
  • Lignohumax helps increase aeration in the soil.
  • Lignohumax helps reduce the costs for irrigation.
  • Lignohumax helps liberate many of the trace elements in the soil which are unavailable to the plant and also frees carbon dioxide from soil calcium carbonates, allowing uptake through the roots.
  • Lignohumax can be used in animal feeds resulting in better animal nutrition and health, which in turn, provides higher dairy and meat production.
  • Lignohumax helps protect the Environment.


A continual usage of Lignohumax improves the soil fertility and structure, increasing the water-storage capacity and prevents the washing-out of important nutrients.The effects of minerals and fertilizers are extended, thereby enhancing plant growth.


Lignohumax has a direct effect on fertilizers, increasing their efficiency and improving the absorption of the fertilizers making them more readily available for the plants. A better efficiency requires less amounts to be used and therefore reduces costs for purchasing fertilizers.


Plantlife is positively influenced by Lignohumax. All types of plants are healthier and stronger with their fruits showing improved flavour quality and longer storage life-spans. Flowers show more intense colour saturation, larger leaves and larger blossoms. The plants are also more resistant to disease, extreme climate changes including droughts, insect attack and chemical overuse (fertilizers and toxins).


Lignohumax helps reduce the negative effects fertilizers and plant protection substances have on the environment. While fertilizer is held in the soil longer making more available for the plant, less fertilizer is lost to the local environment by leaching and high amounts of salts or toxins are bonded by Lignohumax helping with their reduction or degradation.

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Phone: +49 (0) 3725 4499704
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