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Plant additives and soil conditioners



Plant remedy for grain, maize, sunflowers, soy, peas, sugar beet, Lucerne, clover, vegetables, potatoes, berries and fruits as well as decorative cultivations

Agrostimulin® is a new ecological liquid plant remedy which consists of 100 % natural plant hormones and amino- acids. It is produced of the products of fungus- epiphytes, which are originated from the roots of medicinal herbs and similar substances. They represent a well- balanced mixture of biologically active substances which are important for an optimal plant growing.

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Use of Lignohumax in agriculture

The usage of Lignohumax in Agriculture makes it possible to increase productivity, quality of production and to improve both soil fertility and the capacity of seed germination. It reduces stress from the plants once treated with pesticides and also helps reduce the stress symptomes caused by periods of frost or long dry periods. Plant growth and development are noticibly improved and the time of vegetation shortened.

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Lignohumax Description E

The latest generation of Humin preparations.

To be able to give a qualified account of Lignohumax, one should first of all, in general terms, define what Humates are. Humic compounds as such, are a specific group of macro- and lowmolecular substances of a dark colour. They originate through the decomposing of organic waste in the soil, a so called humus process. The amount of carbon in the soil formed from mosses and coal, bonded with Humic acids, is 4 times higher than the carbon amounts, which are bonded to the organic material in all the animals and plants of the world.

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Lignohumax Application E

Usage in industrial flower- growing and ornamental floriculture.

Usage of Lignohumax in industrial floriculture improves not only the development of new shoots and the stability of plant stalks but also the quality of cut flowers and the saturation of their colours.The application of “Lignohumax” in drip irrigation systems and foliage spray treatment is most effective when combined with pesticides, biological products and mineral fertilizers. Use of “Lignohumax” in water- tank mixtures encourages a healthier growth and a better root system growth. Stress symptomes caused by excessive use of mineral fertilizers, pesticides and sharp temperature downturns are reduced and the quality of cut flowers is improved.

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