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Lignohumax Description E

The latest generation of Humin preparations.

To be able to give a qualified account of Lignohumax, one should first of all, in general terms, define what Humates are. Humic compounds as such, are a specific group of macro- and lowmolecular substances of a dark colour. They originate through the decomposing of organic waste in the soil, a so called humus process. The amount of carbon in the soil formed from mosses and coal, bonded with Humic acids, is 4 times higher than the carbon amounts, which are bonded to the organic material in all the animals and plants of the world. The Humic substances, as is well proven, are responsible for the following functions:

The challenge is, to produce a Humic preparation, which has the same, or at least similar characteristics as those found in natural Humin and containing, if possible a high end spectrum of these substances. That is the reason why, worldwide, for more than 30 years intensive experiments have been carried out to try and find a way to industrialise the production of pure Humates.

Chemically speaking, Humates are composed from macro- and micromolecular elements.

In our opinion, one can only achieve a positive result when both these elements work together as in Nature. Both elements have got to be absolutely soluble! The macromolecular elements have a positive influence on the Physiology of the plant. However, only the micromolecular elements are able to penetrate the plant`s cellsystem. With the introduction of modern technologies in Agriculture to accelerate the production of plantlife, the development and usage of adapted natural processes becomes even more important. The main areas for use, are those used for intensive agriculture purposes and those which have year round agricultural industries. In these areas it is necessary to influence positively the plant development so as to exploit their genetic potential, as well as increasing their resistence to unfavourable weather conditions.

These circumstances have dictated that, in the last few years, an active market for the development of special Humin products has taken place.

The main users are those countries with intensive year-round soil use, because there the main loss of humus takes place. Amongst the largest producers and customers are the U.S.A., Australia, China and Russia.

The first generation of Humates:

Belonging to the first generation of Humates are those which are still to this day mainly produced from coal and coal waste. The technology worldwide is more or less the same and consequently similar products emerge which only differ from one another in their purity. The quality of the end product is also dependent on the quality of the raw material. The raw material is washed and as an end product is a preparation with the concentration of Humin material that corresponds to the amount remaining in the raw material itself. What is remaining only contains macromolecular Humic acids. The low molecular elements have long since been washed out. These Humates have principally several common qualities. The most important of these, are that they are not very soluble and leave a lot of sediment behind. The purer a Humate is, the less sediment is remaining and, therefore, more expensive.

These preparations are not fully soluble and because of this a precise use for these products in conventional agriculture is not possible. Carbon Humates are delivered in a powder form in a Sodium and potassium base containing 17 - 70% Humic material (The remainder here is only the macromolecular element of the spectrum in an acid form ).

The second generation of Humates:

The second generation of Humates includes such Humates which are composed from peat and deep, lake-bed mud. This represents very poor and low quality concentrated solutions, which, for the large scale agriculture, are very expensive. They hold on average 8% Humin material (Macromolecular elements) and logistically speaking, are transported up to 92% by water, which makes the usage of already expensive products even more expensive. The price difference is anywhere between 8 – 35 USD per Litre. The product quality is decided mainly by the quality of the raw material itself. The problem of receiving a consistent quality of raw material is mainly dependant on the quality of the lake-bed mud itself.

The third generation of Humates:

Here we recognise such Humic preparations which hold macro- and micromolecular elements simultaneously and are fully soluble. In this catagory we know of only one product in the world which has these characteristics, our Lignohumax. Our technology is based on a whole new logic. The raw material (Lignin), due to our technology, is “broken down” without leaving any residue. Quoting our scientists, the process of creating humus is accelerated and as a result comes a new preparation- Lignohumax, a scaly powder, containing 90% Humic salt acids and a specific vanilla aroma. It is completely soluble and leaves no residue.

Lignohumax, unbelievable for a Chemist, contains elements of the Humin spectrums, in such concentrations, that would never be found in real life nature. The natural life cycle to develope humus takes hundreds of years and these materials are continually produced and continually washed away. The process with Lignohumax takes only 45 minutes!!!!

Where is the difference to other Humates??

The raw material is younger and that means that the majority of the humin materials are not naturally washed out.

The raw material has a balanced and stable quality, which makes it possible to mass produce and to guarantee the quality of the end product. Our technology leaves no residue. The raw material is otherwise absorbed. The raw material contains no heavy metals and therefore the production costs are held to a minimum. Our product is the first of its kind which contains the complete spectrum of the humin materials, i.e. micro- and micromolecular elements with a total content of 90%.

The co-ordination of the amounts of macro and micromolecular elements can be controlled during the production phase. Usually a preparate with a proportion 1:1 is produced. All components of the Lignohumax including the micromolecular ones exist in the form of active Humic acid salts. Our product is completely soluble without leaving any neutral waste and is therefore ideal for usage as an additive to plant protection products and fertilizers when these are to be sprayed on to the leaves.

Because our preparation contains no inactive elements, it is possible to use it in small amounts, i.e. 0,01- 0,05%, which means, that a kilogramm Lignohumax suffices2.000- 10.000 Litres of working solution. For potatoes, 240 gramm powder per hectar is sufficient for 2 applications.

Due to its unique character, Lignohumax has a very broad spectrum of usage, a few examples of which are shown below.


Soak the roots of plants due to be planted (reduces stress symptom, helps root growth).

Spray the area to be seeded before planting , especially for parks and gardens and animal feed (influences growth, reduces stress caused by dryness, frost or an overdose of chemicals).

Foliage treatment is ideal for large scale agriculture, growing of vegetables, industrial flower growing, garden flowers and park maintenance (improves plant growth, storage-life of fruits is extended and flavour is improved). Improves the meristem developement (Plant propagation).

Using together with mineral fertilizers, Lignohumax reduces the amount of fertilizer required by 25% but still has the same effect, reduces therefore, logistic costs of fertilizer transport and reduces the amount of fertilizer getting into the ground water.

Accelerates the time required to turn organic material into humus.


Some of our products can be used in the feed of livestock- e.g.Chickens. Results showed the death rate sank and the life-span of egg laying hens was extended.


Lignohumax also bonds heavy metals and radionuclids in the soil and so prevents that they find their way into the food chain. Our firm is also working closely together with firms who specialise in decontaminating oil contaminated soil.


Our firm is also delivering products to famous Russian and Czech concerns as well as to research institutions.

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