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Humisol is a liquid without smell with a low alkaline reaction which is gained from bio- humus, the product of the treatment of cow dung by means of the red Californian worm. It is without any risk and doesn’t need any safety measures as it is usual for other fertilizers. In watery state in contains: humates, fulvo- acid, amino- acids, vitamins, natural phyto – hormones, micro and macro elements, spurs of micro organisms in the soil and it has high fungicide and bactericide features. The preparation improves the photosynthesis of the leave, it has a positive effect on the growth and the development of the plants. The technological process of the production of Humisol allows to keep features which are peculiar for bio- humus, from which it is produced. It is not only an efficient stimulator, but also an effective remedy, that has inherited the special features of the worms that oppress bactericide and fungicide diseases. Humisol is compatible with all fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. This fact allows a mutual application with these preparations and so no further work expenditure is necessary. The technology for the application of this preparation is equal for all agricultural cultivations: grain, pulse, vegetables, melon cultivations, fruit cultivations, grapes, cotton, linen, hemp, tobacco and others. The complete technological cycle has three working steps: the treatment of the seeds, the first after-fertilizing in the stage 3 – 5 leaves, the second after- fertilizing in the stage of the corn ripeness – for grain, in the stage of fruit formation – for vegetable. In case of susceptibility of the plants towards diseases the treatment should be repeated every 7 – 10 days.

The analysis of the results comes to the following:

  • The yield is increased by 30 % for grain and by 40 – 50 % for vegetable;
  • Qualitative characteristics are changed: the gluten is increased, IKD of the corn is reduced, the content of protein is increased; proteins, vegetable fat, sugar and starch, the quantity of the nitrates, heavy metals and radio-nuclids are reduced;
  • Many diseases: mildew, snow mould, grey rottenness, septoriosis, vessel bacteriosis and many others are oppressed;
  • In the soil arises an accumulation of the light hydrolytic nitrogen, the moveable phosphor and changeable potassium, and while that high crops are achieved on the treted field parts.

In the year 2000 the serial manufacture of the new perspective preparation as high concentrated liquid bio- humus was tested and arranged because of the bio- humus “Humisol – super”. It differs from Humisol by a four times increased concentration of the existing components and it contains a living micro flora. For the production of watery solutions the proportion 1 : 100 of “Humisol – extra” – liquid bio- humus with an increased concentration is used. It differs from Humisol by a two times increased concentration of the existing components and contains a living micro- flora. For the production of watery solutions the proportion 1 : 50 of “Gumitab”is used – as neutral soil ground – the mixture of peat, bio- humus and mineral additives – tablets. It is used for the cultivation of the seedlings and for fertilizing of the plant roots. While dissolving of the tablet it converts into earth with an increase of the volume up to the dreefold. “Gumipas” is a high- concentrated paste fertilizing that originates as a by- product while the production of Humisol. It is used for fertilizing of the plant roots: 150 g/ m² in liquid state (3 kg paste on 200 l water). This allows to execute the fertilizing on an area of 20 – 25 m². It contains the same components as Humisol, but in a concentrated form.

Average quality parameters of bio- humus and Humisol according to the chemical analysis.

Bio- humus

Designation Average parameters
Humidity 45 – 50 %
Organic substances 40 – 60 %
pH factor 6,8 – 7,5
Nitrogen 0,9 – 3,0 %
Phosphor 1,3 – 2,5 %
Calcium 4,5 – 8,0 %
Magnesium 0,5 – 2,3 %
Iron 0,5 – 2,5 %
Copper 3,5 – 5,1 %
Manganese 60 – 80 mg / kg
Zinc 28 – 35 mg / kg
Humus 10 – 12 %

Designation Average parameters
Appearance Dark brown liquid
Smell Absent
Acidity (pH) 7,5 – 8,5
Dry matter 5,000 – 15,000 mg / dm³
Organic substances 1,000 – 5,000 mg / dm³
Humus 500 mg / dm³
Nitrogen ≥ 10,0 mg / dm³
Phosphor ≥ 10,0 mg / dm³
Calcium ≥ 80,0 mg / dm³
Magnesium ≥ 10,0 mg / dm³
Iron ≥ 10,0 mg / dm³
Content of heavy metals ≥ MZK of the soil in mg / dm³

Humisol is approved in Germany for organic cultivation.

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