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Mission statement

In the beginning of our work we`ve been mainly focused on reaching higher yields by using innovative biological products. Anyway we soon discovered by the work with the farmers that this is not the main potential. Bigger problems are often involved with quality and constancy of yields as these can harm calculated financial outputs. Additionally to this we recognized that the use of different biological products is performing better in terms of stabilizing and improving positive effects. In our experience it is not effective to work with standard-blends but instead to evaluate each situation on its own, to advise for the right components.

Supreme rule
The attention is firstly to be directed to the soil and the plants.

Analysis of acids in soil

In most industry involved with conventional soil use, farming, gardening, landscaping, forest and soil-reclamation, an important factor is overlooked, by name the humic- and fulvicacids. Often we will find that soils and substrates contain to low levels of them. Throughout Europe humus-levels are decreasing and with them the contents of humic- and fulvicacids. This is not just the case for cultivated soils, as we even can detect that in biotopes and fallow-land. Without them uptake of nutrients by plants is just half as intensive as with them.

Additionally important are:
  • Enzymes
  • Phytohormones and phytohormone-like-substances
  • Bacteria and fungi
  • Aminoacids
  • Mineral components
  • Lignite
  • Aeration of the soil
  • pH of soil
These facts and processes occupy an even higher relevance in organic farming and eco-methods.

Why ?

In conventional farming lacking functions of soil are substituted by use of chemistry and inorganic fertilizers. When using organic methods, soil and the surrounding influences, by help of biological products, have to provide what is needed for a good growth of plants.

For being successful it is absolutely mandatory to have a balanced working edaphon, and to be able to develop it.

The Agrostim® Biotechnologieprodukte GmbH made it her business to design innovations for servicing these aspects of soil use. With our know-how we are able to get better plant health, higher quality of produce with higher efficiency of the applicated fertilizers. Chemical plant protection will be reduced because of more vital crops.

Results: higher yields

For the good of the environment

In the organic sector and soil-reclamation it is our aim to help the nature as necessary with our wide product-offer to allow a successful growth even under stress-full conditions.

Our family of products, based on humin-acids:
  • Lignohumax™
  • Ligno Aktivator
  • Humisol
Additionaly we offer:
  • different kinds of Agrostimulin® with their phytohormone-content
  • bacteria-based stimulants as Gaiasan and Nitro-Fix
  • lignite-containing productlines as Lignofert
  • mineral components as Agrostim Z
  • organic fertilizers
  • inorganic fertilizers pretreated with humin-acids
  • spray-additives on organic basis for foliar- and soil use
Most of our products do have a registration for the organic growing with being included in the FiBL-list. For further interests specific products can get approved by the institute of registration in particular.

The use of our products is possible everywhere. We offer help for a more efficient production and reduced chemical inputs. The opportunities are huge.

Questions? We are happy to advise you in particularity! E-Mail: | Tel.: +49 (0) 3725 4499704

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Agrostim® Biotechnologieprodukte GmbH
Oberer Weg 17
09432 Großolbersdorf / Saxony

Phone: +49 (0) 3725 4499704
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