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Plant remedy for grain, maize, sunflowers, soy, peas, sugar beet, Lucerne, clover, vegetables, potatoes, berries and fruits as well as decorative cultivations

Agrostimulin® is a new ecological liquid plant remedy which consists of 100 % natural plant hormones and amino- acids. It is produced of the products of fungus- epiphytes, which are originated from the roots of medicinal herbs and similar substances. They represent a well- balanced mixture of biologically active substances which are important for an optimal plant growing.

Effect spectrum:

With this remedy the increase of the seed germinability and so the increase of the resistance of the seeds towards unfavourable atmospheric conditions can be reached. Beyond it an increase of the yield of the seeds is effected.
Because of the better and quicker germinating the early development of the root system is guaranteed. So an optimal development of the seedlings and a totally more vital plant growing with a better utilization of the soil nutrients is reached.
An after- treatment of the seedlings intensifies the effect and leads to an increase of the crops which begins to show not only quantitatively but also qualitatively. Yield increases of more than 10 % could already be proved.
Agrostimulin® has already proved successful especially in stress situations, as for example long droughts and high variations in temperature.
Agrostimulin® is not a replacement for fertilizers.

Application method and application period:

Vegetable seeds are soaked in a preparation solution for 12 hours (0,5 cm³ [correspond to ca. 10 drops of water] to 1 dm³ water) and then they are sowed to the soil.
The seeds of grain plants, pulse, sunflowers, sugar beets are treated with the method oh half- dry staining, using 5 cm³ of the preparation to 10 dm³ water. A film formation of this mixture around the seedcorn has to be guaranteed and has to be supported by means of a usual in trade film former, if necessary.
In case that the seeds are already stained (maize, sugar beet) we recommend to spray them evenly with the solution of Agrostimulin® (5 cm³ of the preparation to 2 dm³ water) and to mix them into the soil before the sowing.
The seedlings of vegetable, strawberries, berries are sprayed and before the sowing into the soil they are moistened with 1 cm³ of the preparation solution to 10 dm³ water. With the same solution berries, grapes and fruit trees are sprayed 10 days before blossoming.
Cucumbers and tomatoes are treated with the preparation solution (1 cm³ to 10 dm³ water) in the phase of the beginning of blossoming – simultaneously with the after – fertilizing or the treatment with pesticides.
Wheat and barley are treated with the preparation solution 5 cm³ in 300 dm³ water at 1 ha during the shoot phase.
Sugar beets are treated in the phase: 6 – 8 leaves.
Sunflowers are treated in the phase: 4 – 6 leaves.
Maize is treated in the phase: 8 – 10 leaves with the preparation solution (5 cm³ to 300 dm³ water) at 1 ha of the seeds.
We advise you against applications before or after the given periods because of reasons of effectiveness.

Safety instructions:

The product effects a non- toxic irritation of the skin and the eye mucous membrane. The preparation has weakly developed cumulative features and has no sensitising effect. In case of a contact with the skin the concerning point has to be rinsed with clear water. Skin and eyes has to be protected. In case of a contact with the eyes or taking of the remedy a doctor has to be seen immediately.
The product belongs to the fuels because of its conservation with ethyl spirit. For the storage it is important to pay attention to a sufficient great distance to the heating and other heating sources. Smoking and the dealing with fire and open light in storage and working rooms is prohibited. It has to be taken care of a sufficient ventilation.

Further instructions:

The application should be executed in the morning hours or better in the cooler evening hours. Because the taking up of the plants occurs via the leaf surface, an application at noon is ineffective and so it is not advisable.
As well Agrostimulin® should not used shortly before rain. A mixture with conventional pesticides and fertilizers is possible and it doesn’t lead to an affecting of the effect.

Instructions for use:

  • Breaking open of the ampoules at the marked breaking point or ring ant emptying completely into the prescribed quantity of liquid. Then mixing well.
  • If you have bottles, take the necessary quantity of Agrostimulin® from it and mix it well with the prescribed quantity of liquid. The bottles with the non- used agent has to be closed well. A short storage of opened bottles is possible. In case of a longer storage the agent looses its effect.
  • The durability of the original producer bottles is 2 years with a storage temperature of 5 – 25 degrees. Shelter from frost!
    Higher or lower temperatures lead to losses in quality and effect.
  • Keep in dark place!

Liability exclusion:

All information are based on the today’s stand of our practical experiences and analysis. But they don’t represent a promise of product features on the possible result and don’t give reasons for a contractual legal relationship. All information are not binding and don’t involve claim to neither warranty nor liability.

Product description:

The extract is gained from fungus – epiphytes which live on the roots of medicinal herbs and from natural amino- acids. It doesn’t contain nutrients.

Packing units:

  • Ampoules with 1 ml each
  • Ampoules with 5 ml each
  • Bottles with 100 ml

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Agrostim® Biotechnologieprodukte GmbH
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Phone: +49 (0) 3725 4499704
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